History & heritage

Over 30 years company heritage

LockDown Medical, Ltd. has over 30 years heritage in developing industry defining medical devices that are first of their kind and have clinical longevity.

The LockDown AC Device is used to surgically repair acromioclavicular separations, a shoulder injury which commonly results from traumatic falls in sports such as rugby, skiing, and cycling and from vehicle accidents.

The LockDown AC Device has become a preferred method of treatment by shoulder, sports, and trauma surgeons because it provides a strong and stable construct that is low in profile and avoids postoperative fractures that can occur with other techniques.

The primary competition for AC joint surgery and in the sports medicine industry in general is Arthrex (Naples, FL) with annual sales exceeding $2.5B, Smith & Nephew (London, UK) with annual sports medicine sales of 2.5B, and Depuy Synthes (Rayham, MA) with $10B in sales across all segments


A.W.Showell Ltd. made needles for haberdashery,
Integrated Interbody technology platform known today as STALIF


Built a factory in Britten St. for A.W.Showell (Surgicraft) Ltd. to satisfy the demand for suture needles after WW11


A.W. Showell (Surgicraft)Ltd. morphed in to a medical device manufacturing company Surgicraft Ltd.,  using Redditch craft skills with needle making technology at its backbone.


Surgicraft, the initial trading name of what is now LockDown Medical, Ltd., launched the first Stand-Alone/No Profile anterior lumbar interbody fusion device in the world in 1988, which was the basis for future generations of the market-leading Integrated Interbody technology platform known today as STALIF


The STALIF product, which was developed from the iconic Hartshill Horseshoe, pioneered the anterior spinal market. This product was sold to Centinel Spine in 2008, now the largest privately held spine company focused on anterior column reconstruction, and remains a key product in their portfolio that produces approximately $50M in annual revenue.


Surgicraft brought the Ransford Loop and Hartshill Rectangle spinal devices to market with global distribution.


The Copeland Foetal Scalp Electrode was brought to market and sold to Rocket Medical in 2004. This product remains a market leader in fetal scalp monitoring and is used in 90% of NHS hospitals.


Pioneered synthetic ligament soft tissue reconstruction utilising novel flat braid technology and adaptive materials concept.


Developed and brought to market the synthetic cartilage resurfacing technology MediCarb. This product was sold to Knee Creations in 2008 which was subsequently acquired by Zimmer Biomet in 2013.


Received FDA approval and launched the LockDown AC Device in the USA in 2012. This was the first flat braided device of its kind introduced into the US market and is now used throughout the country in both private and academic settings.


25,000 LockDown AC Devices have been sold globally in 20 years of clinical use.


The LockDown flat braid technology was first introduced in the United States in 2012 and there has since been 2750 LockDown AC Devices implanted across 47 states by approximately 500 surgeons.


The LockDown AC Device is used by surgeons in the United States at prestigious orthopedic programs such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, Harvard/Mass General, The Cedar Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute, The Andrews Institute, The University of Colorado, The University of Virginia, and The University of Mississippi Medical Center.

leader surgeons

Nondisclosure agreements are in place with key opinion leader surgeons that have expressed interest in adapting
LockDown’s technology for injuries in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, and spine.

Cedar Sinai Kerlan-Jobe

A clinical follow-up study on the use of the LockDown AC Device performed by surgeons at the Cedar Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, CA has been accepted for publication by the International Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.