Over 30 years clinical experience

Lockdown Medical Limited continues to be a British privately owned company, with a rich history of product development and innovation.
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Our original company (AW Showell) was formed in 1924 in Redditch, Worcestershire, and was involved in the manufacture of surgical sharps and fishing hooks. Specialising in developing innovative soft tissue reconstruction devices, Lockdown Medical Ltd are pleased to be able to offer a range of Lockdown devices for the shoulder, foot & ankle.

Present day

Currently, our core product Lockdown LSSS™, is a double braided augmentation device, designed to provide fixation during the healing process following an acromioclavicular separation due to coracoclavicular ligament disruption.

With over 2,000 implantations globally every year, the Lockdown LSSS™ device offers excellent clinical results and patient satisfaction outcomes. A simple, reproducible surgical procedure requires no holes in the coracoid and a fast rehabilitation process.

The patient’s arm is supported by a sling at 2 weeks post operatively, and the most exacting activities (including contact sports) can be resumed after 12 weeks. The Lockdown LSSS™ device is CE marked and gained FDA approval for use in February 2011.

Lockdown Medical Ltd currently distribute products to Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Malaysia, Scandinavia, South Africa, UAE and the USA. We are currently seeking other distribution partners around the world.

Meet the team

Our team is made up of product and design engineers, customer support staff and a dedicated senior management team. 

Safah Shaikh

Medical Design Engineer