Preliminary results of the ‘Surgilig’ synthetic ligament in the management of chronic acromioclavicular joint disruption

J R Army Med Corps. 2009 Sep; 155(3):191-3

Wood, T., PAE Rosell, JC Clasper

Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit, Frimley Park Hospital – Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma RCDM

A study using the LockDown™ device to stabilise acromioclavicular joint disruption in conjunction with the modified Weaver-Dunn procedure in military personnel.  

The study suggests very positive early results for the use of LockDown™ in primary acromioclavicular joint disruption.  The benefit of a single definitive operation would be particularly useful in a military setting, although the reduction in in-patient time and duration of rehabilitation it has clear advantages for the wider NHS setting.

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